Safeguarding Children at Goldsborough CE Primary School

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Keeping our children safe is of paramount importance at Goldsborough CE Primary School.

​Our Senior Designated Leader for Child Protection is ​Mr Matt Shillito (Headteacher).  When not working at Goldsborough CE School, he can be contacted at Sicklinghall CP School on (01937) 582494. Mr Shillito's weekly timetabled days at Goldsborough are Tuesday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays.

If it is not possible to make contact with Mr Shillito, our Deputy Senior Designated Leader for Child Protection is Mr Joe Cooper. Mr Cooper is our Y6 teacher and KS2 Leader and should be contacted when Mr Shillito is not available.

If your concerns cannot be directed to either member of school staff named above, please contact our Federation Safeguarding Governor, Mrs Jules Clegg, via the school office by calling Sicklinghall's School office on (01937) 582494.

The school's Child Protection, Safeguarding and related policies can be found by clicking here.

Information on e-safety for pupils and parents can be found by clicking here.

If you have a concern about the welfare of a pupil at Goldsborough CE Primary School and would like to speak to one of the named people above, please either call the school office on (01423) 862617 or, outside of school term-time/ the school day, make a request for someone to make contact with you by completing a contact form here.  Please include your full name and method of contact, ideally a telephone number. (Please do not detail your concern or name individual children on this contact form).