Apply for a School Place at Goldsborough

To apply for a place at Goldsborough at any point during the academic year, click here.

To apply for a place in Reception for September 2016, click here. (please note, the application window closed on January 15th 2016) 

The admissions authority for Goldsborough CE School is North Yorkshire County Council. The links above take you directly to their admissions pages. If you would like to speak to a member of the admissions team, please call (01609) 533679.

In Year Transfers into Goldsborough School 

Sometimes children need to move school at times other than entry to reception, year 6 transfer to secondary school or transfer to middle school.These changes may be unavoidable, for example when you move house, or sometimes they occur because of difficulties at your child's current school. Changing schools is a big event for any child and should not be undertaken without first talking to the head teacher at your child's current school, to try and resolve any problems.

To apply for a place at Goldsborough at any point during the academic year, click here. This link takes you to North Yorkshire County Council's Admissions- In Year Transfers Page. It is advisable to contact the school in the first instance to find out whether a place is available in your child's age group. Please call the office on (01423) 862617 for further information. 

Admissions into Reception (for four year olds) September 2016

To apply for a place in Reception at Goldsborough for your child, click here. The application window opens on 18th September and closes on 15th January 2016. Your child's place will be confirmed by the admissions team by letter in April 2016. If you have yet to apply, please contact the Admissions Team on (01609) 533679. 

To access frequently asked questions about school admissions, follow the link below. A copy of the Admissions Policy for 2016/2017 is also available to download below.

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