Harrogate Theatre - Class 4

(report by Jeorgia and Evie)

On Monday, Class 4 went to Harrogate theatre to do with our topic (Lights Camera Action). We found this trip fascinating as we learned so much about the theatre’s history. We also got a grand tour of the theatre including the stage, green room, dressing room, boxes, the fly floor, the circle and we even got to try on a few costumes from previous pantomimes held at the theatre.
We spoke to some members of Class 4 and they gave us their opinions on how the felt about the trip and which part of the theatre they enjoyed the best…
Kitty said: “I enjoyed trying on all the costumes. It was funny to see my class mates dressing up.”
Hannah G said: liked seeing Arthur dressing up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast as I found it rather hilarious.”
Gracie said: ”I loved seeing the stage as I imagined it to look completely different.”
Izzy said: “I enjoyed the tour back stage as I didn’t expect it to look like it does.”
Lily says: “I liked the circle as I loved the colour and the comfort of the seats.”
Jay says: “I liked the ghost story about a girl called Alice who died by falling out of the boxes.” He said it was a very creepy but an interesting story to end the trip.

Jeorgia and Evie also thoroughly enjoyed the day; we both found the trip extremely useful as we now feel as though we carry a lot of knowledge about the theatre and its history.

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