Missionary Visit: Corrie Verduijn

Corrie Verduijn, a doctor and missionary working in Uganda, came to speak to the pupils today about her day to day work in Kiwoko Hospital and the community, including the school, nearby.


She showed us the classrooms, lessons and facilities at the school; the pupils may be in large classes with only basic equipment, but they are genetlly happy and content as it is all they have ever known. The pupils value their education so highly that they help to clean the school every day.

Corrie is currently spreading the word about her work through the CMS (Church Mission Society):

7 February - St Giles, Copmanthorpe
8 February - St Mary, Goldsborough
11 February - All Saints, Hunmanby
18 February - St Margaret, Burnage
21 February – Christchurch, Cheltenham
22-23 February - St Mary, Bitton
25 February - St Margaret of Antioch, Barming
11 March - St Andrews, Bolton

She had already met some of our pupils at Sunday School - they presented her with cards in the collective worship thanking her for her work.


Thanks go to Susan Michael (CMS Link Rep for St Mary’s Church) from Goldsborough village for facilitating the visit.

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