Nick Iles: European cookery

Class 4 were treated to two afternoons of European cookery this week when local chef and parent, Nick Iles, came in to help us prepare delicious dishes from a range of European countries, including:

Italy: bruschetta with mozzarella, basil and fresh tomatoes followed, spaghetti bolognaise and a rich macaroni cheese;

Spain: serrano ham, olives and Hojiblanca olives followed by patatas bravas;

France: green salad with vinaigrette and tender chicken marinated in lemon and fresh thyme.

Pupils learned basic food safety and hygiene, particularly related to the handling of raw products and were encouraged to try preparation skills from from chopping to grating, stirring to basting. Above all, Nick stressed the role that home cooking plays in knowing exactly what is on your plate - and what is going into your body.

We all thank Nick for his generosity - what a memorable way to celebrate our European topic!



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