Strange growings on!

In Class One, we have been very busy planting seeds and caring for them as they grow.  First, we planted some beans which we had hoped might be magic but sadly turned out to be very ordinary.  The beans are growing well but there are no castles or giants at the top of them!  We then decided to make grass seed caterpillars and test to check if sunlight is really necessary for a plant to grow.  We put one of our caterpillars in a shady spot, hidden away behind the board and the other near the classroom window.  Both caterpillars had the same amount of seed in them and have had the same amount of water but something very strange has happened...the caterpillar in the dark has grown much better than the one in the sun!  We have thought of possible reasons for this but if there is a gardener out there who could come and explain this to us, we would be very grateful!

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