Y6 Residential - March 2020

The children are having a wonderful time - excitement kept them awake on the first evening but last night they were tired after a day of activities. 

They have already overcome so many challenges - yesterday they were at Brimham rocks wriggling through the 'Smartie Tube' hole and climbing and abseiling. They are eating well and slept soundly last night but there are still some early risers! 

Today the children are on site doing Kayaking and High Ropes. Miss Pickard is going to see them just after lunch and staying for tea. 

Update 3pm 11th March - Do you know what a half hitch knot is? Our Year 6 Do! 

Update 12th March

Today the children were off site all day Gorge Walking - they loved being in the water! They were ravenous afterwards so ate SEVERAL plates of roast dinner. 

Tuck shop, bonkers games, talent show, oscars certificates and lots of laughter followed. Even the teachers earned a certificate for Best Bed Head, Zip-Zip-Hooray upside down, and Best Rock Wriggler! You can try and work out who got which one.....! 

The children have grown so much in confidence and self-belief this week - the instructors noticed it today she said that they ‘smashed it!’ 

We are all so immensely proud of them. How is it possible for a week to go by in the blink of an eye? 

Well done EVERYONE! 

Update 13th March - Bushcraft, orienteering and marshmallow toasting! 

Update 11.40am - Oscar Night Awards

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