Young Voices 2019

The joint choir of Goldsborough and Sicklinghall will be at Young Voices on Monday, January 14th 2019

All the audio tracks, dance tracks, lyrics and more can be accessed here:

Using the Code:



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The vocal tracks to download (and perhaps make into a CD for the car?!) can be found here:




Links to lyrics videos are here:

Thank you for the days

Moana Mashup

Fight song

A Little Can Change

Any Dream Will Do

An American Folk Odyssey

It's A Swing Thing

You Gotta Be (Chorus)

You Gotta Be Love - to the end

We Are The World

Viva La Vida

Tonight Belongs To Us

Pop Medley

Greatest Showman - part 1

Greatest Showman - part 2

Greatest Showman - part 3

Dance videos coming soon!

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