Bewerley Park 2019

Day 1

You wouldn't think it was our first day when we tell you what we have done already! To say it was only really a half day makes it all the more amazing! We've climbed, scrambled, walked, found cave spiders, walked in the dark (don't worry parents- only the last bit of the walk was in the dark!) and finished off the day with a hot chocolate and a snack. We're now catching up on some much needed sleep before an action packed day tomorrow!

Day 2

Today has been a fabulous day! We have packed so much in already! We started the day with a tasty cooked breakfast, tasty cereal and a good old fashioned cup of tea (some of us now hold our little fingers up when we hold the cup, don't you know). We then headed out to our activities- we have enjoyed some challenging climbing, pushing us well out of our comfort zones. We have also travelled through Blayshaw Gill- yes, through, including slides and backwards falls into pools. Our shower was most welcome after that! In the evening, we have Night Line and tuck shop to look forward to. What a successful day! 

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